Some new viral marketing for the long-awaited (since January, anyway) Cloverfield 2 has trickled out — unless it's just a red herring. A viral site released these underwater monster photos. Look closely and you can see crooked-legged monster/aliens running about on (what appears to be) the sea floor. The pictures accompanied a government-esque blacked out document detailing a frantic transmission between Ngog Atsumi and Sub-4767. View all three black and white pictures and transmission document after the jump.

More underwater black and whites, possibly from Sub-4767? Could Sub. be short for submarine? Perhaps this is where the unidentified object landed that audiences' saw crash into the ocean in the corner of the final Coney Island scene. What if the new Cloverfield 2 took a page from The Abyss? That would leave little room for handycam work.

Most of the conversation is blacked out but a nicely placed, "ATSUMI: It went after them," followed by a few "(screaming)" moments still gives the impression of a monster attack.[Filmofilia]