G.I. Joe's Recondo teaches that the more you know, the less likely you are to hide in a fridge. Thanks, Recondo! Although honestly, it is a pretty great hiding place. Back in the day, Saturday mornings weren't just a place for awesome science fiction cartoons, they were also a chance for the government to instill morals into the minds of children via their favorite characters. After the jump a collection of some of our favorite science fiction Public Service Announcements, including Transformers, He-Man and Power Rangers.

Transformers: "Don't Run Away From Home"
Transformers tell you how selfish you really are.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Don't Smoke Weed: Get A Teacher"
Classic turtle lingo, but seriously, getting a pizza isn't that bad of a suggestion.

Thundercats: "Don't Do Anything"
A hosts of cat characters give you the run down.

Star Wars: "Don't Drive Drunk"
Friends don't let friends drink and do Kessel runs.

He-Man and She-Ra: "Don't Get Sexually Assaulted"
Love the shout out to a minister or a rabbi.

Power Rangers: "Don't Be A Jerk"
Good thing Billy had the temporal displacement unit handy.