What happened after the tripods were defeated in War Of The Worlds? Was it business as usual for Earthlings? Was there looting, murder and mayhem, or had humans learned to love thy neighbor? How does a society regroup from an interplanetary war? Marc Guggenheim's post-apocalyptic comic Resurrectiondeals with just these questions. And as io9 predicted it's getting turned into a movie that follows a group of survivors as they try to reclaim what's left of their lives after a long war against "The Bugs," an alien race. Cover pics after the jump.

Resurrection takes place after "The Bugs" have left, but not without forever changing the face of the planet and its inhabitants forever. The attackers may be gone but now the characters have to deal with establishing order, power struggles, left-behind alien technology and decide what to do with alien stragglers and POWs. Finally an alien invasion movie that's going to focus on the people and not the fireworks. Watching downtown NYC get destroyed by monsters and aliens is always a treat but what happens afterwards? Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road (which is also being made into a movie) deals with these questions but it's exciting to see what veteran comic writer Guggenheim comes up with.