An art studio called Atelier Van Lieshout has spent the last three years developing the perfect dystopia, called SlaveCity. SlaveCity is a place where every human right we've collectively worked toward achieving is turned on its head. But it's also the world's first zero energy town—because they recycle everything from cardboard to useless people. Pictured here is the Welcoming Center. Here, every single entrant to SlaveCity is screened via a taste test, and those who don't pass are stored in these massive vats. Check out a schematic showing how it works below.

Here you can see a schematic for the Welcoming Center. Sick, old people who taste bad are recycled in the biogas digester. Healthy but stupid people are recycled in the meat processing factory. The young and healthy go to the organ transplant center, and the smart and healthy go to work at the Call Center.

Currently, there are 200,000 inhabitants in SlaveCity, and there are separate universities for men and women. This one is the Female Slave University. It's kind of like a modern-day labor camp, where women are taught how to make themselves useful; the professors, who sit in the meeting room on top and get paid a lot of money while they watch the women work their butts off. The University houses 1,896 female students.

Those working in the Call Center are fortunate enough to have toilets.

The entire exhibit—blueprints, drawings, sculptures, and installations of SlaveCity, are on display at the Folkwang Museum in Germany until July 6th.

Atelier Van Lieshout via Designboom