The aptly-named Blood Car is a near-future tale about peak oil and bloodthirsty vegans. Gasoline is so expensive that it takes almost 500 bucks to fill your tank, and most cars have been abandoned in vast "car graveyards." Archie is a nice vegan guy who wants to help the world by creating the first engine that runs on wheatgrass — but instead, he accidentally invents an engine that runs on human blood.

Desperate to impress his car-loving girlfriend, who runs a meat stand, Archie begins killing people to feed his tank. Meanwhile, he's also being tracked by government agents, who want to steal the car to find out how his oil-free engine works. In this great scene, Archie manages to steal his car back from two of the agents, and also demonstrates just how energy-efficient his blood car really is. Released last year, Blood Car is hilarious and profoundly weird. Is it about the evils of gasoline, or the evils of sex? All I can see is that it's great to see a dystopian flick about a vegan's fall from grace. Must be seen to be believed. [Blood Car]