How many times do you watch every episode of Battlestar Galactica? The answer may depend, not just on how much you enjoy hearing Edward James Olmos' smoky rasp, but also on how eager you are to freeze-frame key moments every episode in search of clues. If you look hard enough, there are little details in recent BSG episodes that either give a crucial glimpse of where the saga is going — or they show that fans have an overactive imagination. Decide for yourself (with spoilers) after the jump.

The Mighty Hunter appears! The constellation Orion, aka the Mighty Hunter, appears a few times in last week's episode of Battlestar, "The Ties That Bind." You can see it in the background when the Cylon basestars start fighting, and then later when Tory introduces Cally to President Roslin's running mate. As various people have pointed out, this star formation would only look like Orion from Earth, or somewhere near Earth. So are our heroes closer to Earth than they realize? Or was this just a stock star backdrop that someone threw in there? [Cyn City]

Starbuck paints the Ship Of Lights. In the original 1970s Battlestar series, a ship called the Ship Of Lights appeared in an episode called "War Of The Gods." According to Galactica Watercooler, the Ship Of LIghts possesses technology far beyond that of either the humans or the Cylons, and it belongs to the Seraphs, glowing beings similar to D'Anna's vision of the Final Five. The Seraphs bring Apollo back from the dead after a fight with Iblis, who's sort of the devil. And the Ship Of Lights seems to turn up on Starbuck's latest masterpiece, painted on the wall of her cabin on the Demetrius. Her paintings have predicted the future before — is she predicting a meet-up with the SOL? Is it something to do with the final cylon? [Galactica Watercooler]

In fact, some viewers theorize that the reason Starbuck came back from the dead, with a mint-condition Viper, was because she already hitched a ride on that Ship Of Lights. Also, Starbuck mentions a comet. Could it be Halley's Comet, and was it near Earth? If so, then it might have been the year 1986 or 2071. [Colonial Fleet]


And speaking of astronomy, what's that "triple flashing star" Kara keeps mentioning? Is it Alpha Centauri? (Which fits the triple qualification, but not the "flashing" one.) The ringed gas giant is probably Saturn, but it could be Jupiter. [Battlestar Blog] Screen captures from Galactica BBS.