The trend of animated movies swinging from fantasy to science fiction (with Wall-E and Space Chimps) continues with Planet 51, starring the Rock as a human astronaut who lands on a planet of xenophobic aliens who regard him as an invader. Written by Shrek scribe Joe Stillman, Planet 51 is a "reverse E.T.," the Rock says. He gave away some new plot details for Planet, which he says is coming November 2009.

The 3-D film, which was originally supposed to be distributed by New Line but is now coming out on Warner Bros., is about astronaut Capt. Charles "Chuck" Baker, who leads an expedition to the title world, which is inhabited by those human-fearing aliens, who dress like humans from the 1950s. Says Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

I go on their planet, and I'm actually the alien... Of course, I befriend a little boy [to try to] get back to my spaceship. It's really great.

Also providing voices are Jessica Biel and Seann William Scott.

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