Welcome to another batch of morning spoilers. This time, we've gotten tons of details about Caprica, the prequel to the robot-fighting Battlestar Galactica... including the script for the TV movie's very last scene. We've also got a new clip from Saturday's Doctor Who, and details of one of this fall's episodes of Stargate: Atlantis. And there are a ton of Lost spoilers, including what to expect from season five, airing next January. It's all spoilers from here on down.


The TV Addict got hold of the script for Battlestar Galactica's prequel TV movie Caprica, and spilled a ton of spoilers. From what I can make out of that blurry image of the script's first page, the movie starts with two boys amongst a bunch of other kids on a bus. A woman warns them that they're on Caprica now, and they should speak the common tongue, not their mongrel nonsense — but they don't understand what she's saying. (I'm guessing this is when Joseph Adama first comes to the planet Caprica and leaves behind his Tauron roots.)


Some of the story details are similar to the ones we've featured before. But there are some new details. Our artificial intelligence whiz, Daniel Graystone, invents something called the HoloBand, which is akin to Star Trek's Holodeck. Daniel is an inattentive husband and father, because he's worried his company is about to lose the big government contract for the robot super-soldier and the meta-cognitive processor, after billions of cubits in development costs.

Because Daniel is such a self-absorbed guy, his wife Amanda seeks comfort in the arms of his chief rival Tomas Vergis, who's a Tauron instead of a Caprican. And his daughter Zoey gets involved with the Soldiers of the One, a monotheistic cult that wants to drive out Caprica's many gods. And "Act One" ends with Zoey's boyfriend Ben carrying out his act of monotheistic terrorism, killing Zoey as well as wife and daughter of attorney Joseph Adams. (Admiral Adama's father.)

And that's when Joseph Adams and Daniel Graystone find each other, and start working on downloading their dead daughters' minds into new robot bodies. (And Zoey, the monotheist, becomes the first Cylon.) But after they succeed, Joseph and Daniel have opposite reactions and end up being bitter opponents. And here's the final scene of the TV movie, between Joseph and his son the future Admiral, according to the TV Addict:

Our family will survive this, we're going to put our lives back together. Your mother is gone and Tamara is gone. They're not coming back.

Suddenly, without warning, tears begin to stream down William's cheeks. Joseph takes his son in his arms and they hold each other tight as Joseph struggles with his own emotions.

I want you to know who you are, William. We come from a long, proud line of Tauron peasants who knew how to work the land and still stand proud. You're named after your grandfather, did I ever tell you that?


He was killed in the Tauron uprising fighting for what he believed was the right of all the Children of Kobol — to live free. It's a good name William and you should wear it proudly. And our last name isn't Adams - I changed it when I arrived on Caprica.

Our family name is... ADAMA and it's a good, honorable Tauron name.

[The TV Addict]

Doctor Who:

This Saturday's new Doctor Who episode includes the following snatch of dialog:

Private Gray: Greyhound Sixteen to Trap One. We've found something - basement corridor, northside, grid thirty-six. Request backup, over.
Military Voice Oov: Trap One, sending assistance, over
Private Harris: Like something boiling inside...
Private Gray: Don't touch it.
Private Harris: C'mon Steve, we get first rights on this. That means promotion!

And here's a clip. [Planet Gallifrey]

Stargate: Atlantis:

The ninth episode of Stargate: Atlantis season five is called "The Queen." In it, Teyla joins "Todd" the Wraith (guest star Christopher Heyerdahl) on a visit to a Wraith ship which Todd is allied with. The hive enters hyperspace to conduct its meeting, while Sheppard, McKay and Ronon watch it jump away. Teyla has to disguise herself as Todd's queen, to give him authority to carry on negotiations with the other hive and its own queen. But they soon come under suspicion, and have to work hard to keep the "queen" ruse going, without seeming weak. [Spoiler Geeks]


In tonight's Lost episode, as we've mentioned, Doc Ray's dead body washes ashore on the island. But thanks to time-warp shenanigans, we may see him alive on the freighter and dead on the island at the same time. At least that's how fans are interpreting some cryptic hints. [Lost Spoilers]


Also, in an upcoming episode (maybe tonight's), Ben travels to a hot middle-eastern country, but for some reason he's wearing a parka with the Dharma Initiative logo on it. Also, the two-hour season finale, airing May 29, will serve as a "pilot" for the show's fifth season... which will be much more slow-paced than season four has been. Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof are already warning that fans may find season five draggy and unnecessary filler on the way to the good stuff in season six. (Way to dampen expectations.)
[Entertainment Weekly]

And here are some stills from "Cabin Fever," the May 8 Locke-flashback episode, where our heroes find Jacob's cabin again. They don't give away much plot info, except that Jack survives his injuries next week. (Duh.) [Doc Arzt]