Years after you thought he'd reformed and ended his war against the Jedi, Darth Vader is back and making trouble for those who learn from the teachings of zen muppet Yoda. Or, at least, that's what a Welsh court heard recently, as they learned about one of the most amusing physical attacks caught on camera in recent memory.

According to the UK's Daily Telegraph, Barney Jones — who founded the first ever British Jedi Church, and goes by the name of "Jedi Master Jonba Hehol" when feeling particularly holy — and his brother Michael were attacked by a man wearing a black bin liner and "shiny black helmet" while being filmed talking about Star Wars by a local TV documentary crew.

Their assailant, Arwel Wynne Jones, had apparently lost his lightsaber given that he was instead using a metal crutch to attack the brothers as he repeatedly yelled "Darth Vader" at them. After defeating the Jones boys in hand-to-crutch combat, Wynne Jones then turned on the camera crew before attempting to escape into the dark (sith) night.

Wynne Jones - who now denies the charge - fled the court before his case was heard, prompting Judge Andrew Shaw to issue a warrant for his arrest with a line so perfect, George Lucas should be jealous:

I hope the force will soon be with him.

He then turned to the court clerk, said "The police force, that is!" and left the court while the Saturday Night Live band played "Here Come The Judge".


Judge issues warrant for Darth Vader impersonator who 'attacked Star Wars fans' []