Who says that the alternate-world genre has been killed by lackluster treatment in things like Sliders, Jet Li's The One, or DC's Countdown comic? British indie SF movie Schrödinger's Girl aims to change that, showing the accidental downside to one woman's attempt to prove the existence of other versions of herself throughout the multiverse. Here's a hint: One of the alternate hers may be a little too eager to shoot people.

Describing itself as a movie "about a girl who can walk through walls," the official synopsis of the movie's plot goes a little something like this:

Rebecca is a disgraced scientist conducting illegal experiments to confirm the existence and initiate travel between parallel universes, who accidentally cracks the problem. Her counterparts in neighboring universes are also working on the same problem, but they have their own agendas.

It quickly becomes apparent that the rifts in the space-time continuum caused by inter-dimensional travel can bring about the merging of the affected universes, so it becomes a race against time to close these rifts and save the planet.

The low-budget feature is doing its best to use the web to gain an audience; you can find podcasts about the production of the movie here, if you're interested, and their first trailer is now available on YouTube:

Such websavvy is essential to new filmmakers in this internet world, and producers Entanglement Productions are doing all the right things to get people to pay attention to their movie. Just don't tell them that they've misspelled their own URL. Schrodinger's Girl