This morning's batch of spoilers are a nice mixture of the official story and the dirty underground bootleg version. Some guy got hold of a bunch of Indiana Jones info and posted it on his MySpace blog — including an outline of the movie's storyline. And then there are images that could be leaked concept art from Transformers 2, showcasing a whole new look for Optimus Prime. And then there are tons of new details about upcoming Lost episodes, and three new clips. And some Doctor Who filming pics. Plus minor Heroes spoilers, and some new Smallville stills. In spoiler space, nobody can hear you scream.


Here are two concept sketches of the Transformers movie version of Optimus Prime, with a special trailer attachment that combines with his cab/body in robot mode. This is either concept art for Transformers 2, or kewl fan art. [Seibertron]

Indiana Jones:

Some guy posted tons of info on Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (supposedly from an unreleased press kit) on his MySpace page. It could even be true. Here's the gist, along with an image that could be from the press kit, or could be cheesy fan art.

The movie starts in the desert Southwest in 1957, and Indy and his sidekick Mac (Ray Winstone) have just escaped a close call with some evil Soviets on a remote airfield. (And the big warehouse scene from the trailer is part of the film's opening set-piece.) Indy comes home to Marshall College, only to find out from the dean (Jim Broadbent) that his recent activities have made him the object of McCarthyite suspicion, and the college is under pressure to fire him.


Indy heads out of town, but runs into the rebellious young punk named Mutt (Shia LaBoeuf) who holds a grudge against him, but also has a proposition: if Indy helps Mutt on a mission with "deeply personal stakes," Indy may be able to score one of the greatest archeological finds in history: the legendary Crystal Skull of Akator. But the Russkies also want the Crystal Skull, because they think it'll help the USSR dominate the world.

Indy and Mutt head to the remotest part of Peru, an area of "ancient tombs, forgotten explorers and a rumored city of gold." (And we'll see the little red line going across the map, superimposed over the plane, etc.) But the Soviets, led by Cate Blanchett's Irina Spalko, are there too. There's a jungle chase sequence where Blanchett sword fights, and then another chase where she does a karate chop. Spalko has a muscley sidekick, Col. Dovchenko, played by Igor Jijikine, a former trapeze artist.

And John Hurt plays Professor Oxley, a recluse, who's been on his own for a couple of decades, and has become "possessed" and sort of insane, because of the skull.


Besides a Peruvian cemetery, and a local village near the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, an important location in the film is a military bunker in New Mexico. (Hopefully related to the whole "Area 51" alien plot.) There is one gigantic snake in the movie, an Olive Python, which menaces Indy. [The KOTCS Fan Page]

Doctor Who:

They're still filming the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas special, and here are a couple of pics. The TARDIS arrives in a Victorian marketplace, and the Doctor appears to be alone. But he also has a scenes with Velile Tshabalala, who appears to be his new companion. (No Rose, not surprisingly.) And David Morrissey is playing the character referred to as the "other Doctor" on the actors' trailers. At one point, Morrissey says to Tshabalala, "The Doctor's companion will do what the Doctor says. Now go!" Oh, and the real Doctor looks quite cheerful on arrival, which doesn't seem consistent with one or more of his companions having died horribly. (But he's a resilient chap.)

And then the Doctor attends a funeral, while the Cyber-wraiths spy on him from a discreet distance. [Spoiler TV and Planet Gallifrey]


The Lost fourth season finale will show us what happens after that flash-forward scene involving Jack and Kate, in the third season finale. In an upcoming scene, Sawyer, Miles and Claire find a dead body and an extra dismembered arm in the jungle. And Sawyer turns all protective towards Claire. Actress Emilie de Ravin says she hasn't yet heard anything about her character dying. And in the May 1 episode, Juliet has to perform emergency surgery on Jack after he collapses on the beach, and she realizes she loves him... but his flash-forward in that episode is all about Kate. Also coming up: Future Hurley delivers a "chilling message" from Charlie to Future Jack. And Christian Shepard reaches out to both of his children.


And the season finale will include some scenes involving Sun's father, the powerful mogul Mr. Paik, set in his business office. [Spoilers Lost]

Greg Grunberg, who plays the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815 who was killed by a monster in the first episode, was spotted in Hawaii filming some scenes for an upcoming episode. We'll finally see the Orchid Station, and it'll be a big set going into the fifth season. [E! Online]

And here are three new sneak peeks for Thursday's episode, including a longer version of a scene we featured yesterday. [Doc Arzt]


Heroes season three will introduce a new character named Jesse, who is "mean, angry and out of control." [E! Online again]


Here are four new stills from the May 1 Smallville, which takes place in an alternate universe where Clark never came to Earth. Lois is a Pulitzer-winning journalist, who wears a really shiny (pleather?) skirt. [Devoted Fans Network]