This is a Prostethetic Commando, a robot whose processor is a human brain taken from a felled soldier or police officer. Generally, the PC guards dignitaries at public functions. I didn't make that up — the artist behind this trippy bot, Keith Thompson, did. He's got an amazing gallery on his website, with each image containing enough backstory to build into your next game campaign, or your next movie.

I love Thompson's description of Pushkagrad, a floating Soviet-style island, whose deets are:

-Rotating agriculture pads with train tracked irrigation systems.
-Towering Administration Department crowned with statue of the First Idealogue.
-740mm rail gun, supplying the namesake of the city as well as granting it the capability of incapacitating and sometimes felling other floating cities in times of war.
-Industrial sector capable of churning out goods both for export as well as internal use within Pushkagrad.
-Heavily patrolled and armed docks for trading and overall market access.

And below is another one of Thompson's bots — this one is a nanobot fashioned from proteins called "Cherubim." It's basically a fancy drug delivery system, entering your bloodstream to deliver its payload of medicine or poison, only to be absorbed by your body and leave no trace.

Check out Keith Thompson's Gallery. (Thanks, dosido!)