It's mostly television spoilers this morning — we have tons more details about upcoming Lost episodes, including dozens of new stills. And there are three clips from tonight's Smallville episode, plus a partial leaked script for the season finale. But we also have a ton of new details about Splice, the genetic experimentation movie starring Adrien Brody. And there are new puzzle pieces for X-Files 2, Iron Man, Wolverine and Doctor Who. A full spoiler alert is in effect.

X-Files: I Want To Believe:

Mulder has been living for the past six years in a house on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. at the start of X-Files: I Want To Believe. The house includes an office that's a loving recreation of Mulder's FBI basement space, including a poster with the words "I Want To Believe" on it. The office also includes some other touches from the TV show: a bowl of sunflower seeds, a board with newspaper clippings, a drawing of the creature from "Post-Modern Prometheus," pencils stuck in the ceiling, a photo of Samantha, and a basketball. Another room has a fishtank in it. There's a scene where Scully shows up at the house in a long camel coat, while Mulder is clipping something from a newspaper. He turns to face her, and that poster comes into focus in the frame. [Sci Fi Wire]


Splice, the genetic experiment movie starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, includes a very "lax" laboratory that looks as though the couple is doing DNA experiments in a slapdash manner, very much under the radar. Their "child," Dren, ages rapidly but her room in a nearby farmhouse still looks like a child's room, including a teddy bear. Delphine Chanéac, who plays Dren, had to shave her head and also wear weird clothes that allow the VFX crew to superimpose effects on her body, especially her legs below the knees. Dren develops into a deadly winged half-human creature. (And here's an early design of what Dren is supposed to look like. You can see more photos here, but some of them are NSFW.) [Bloody Disgusting]

Iron Man:

There's a new featurette showing Iron Man director Jon Favreau on the set, which reveals that Tony Stark has a very nice house. [IESB]


A high-res version has appeared of a Wolverine promo pic that you may have seen before. It confirms that, yes, his claws do keep getting longer and longer. [IESB again]

Doctor Who:

Here's a photo from this Saturday's Doctor Who, which also includes the following dialog:

The Doctor: You've been shot.

Ood: The circle...

Donna: No, don't try to move -

Ood: The circle...must be broken.

The Doctor: What Circle? What d'you mean? Delta Fifty, what circle? [Spoiler TV]


The upcoming Lost episode focusing on Locke (airing May 1 or May 8) will include a return appearance by Nestor Carbonell, as we'd previously speculated. Also, we'll see Ben in "a few different places" over the next few episodes, and Ben will seem like less of a bad guy compared to the violent and dangerous characters we'll be meeting in upcoming episodes. The final batch of episodes will move backwards, forwards and "sideways" in time. [Spoilers Lost]

Also, celeb gossip sites caught Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer, in Los Angeles. Apparently he's doing some filming there, and it's not for a flashback. [Lyly Ford]

And here are some stills from episode 10, "Something Nice Back Home." Jack is injured, and meanwhile it looks like Sawyer and Locke may have a bit of a falling out. [Doc Arzt]


Some details about the Smallville season finale, "Arctic," have leaked out. Unfortunately, they're only in Spanish (that I've seen.) Here's what I've been able to glean: Clark is freaking out at the farm, when Kara comes crashing to Earth, with no memory of the past few weeks. She has no clue how to find Brainiac, but keeps urging Clark to go to the Fortress and seek Jor-El's help. Clark says he's tried that, but Kara keeps insisting that they should go to the Fortress, with a weird urgency.


Meanwhile, Lex has Jimmy firmly under his thumb thanks to the deal Jimmy made to protect Chloe. And there are some scenes with Edward Teague where they talk about the death of Virgil Swann, and how to use the device Lex found in Zurich. And then Lex tracks down some weird power sources in the North Pole, using government sources.

Clark goes to warn Lois not to underestimate what Lex is capable of. Lois says it's cute when Clark acts all concerned about her. Then Lois stumbles upon Jimmy's bloody body in the street. Jimmy says Lex has Chloe. And indeed, Lex has Chloe tied up in a vat of Kryptonite, connected to a computer via electrodes on her head. Lex is performing some kind of experiment on Chloe, having to do with tissue regeneration (I think.) [Smallville-Krypton]

Meanwhile, some clips from tonight's Smallville have turned up online, and they pretty much confirm what you already thought: Lex kills his dad. And then argues a lot with his inner child. If I may interject a personal opinion, the "Lex kills his dad" part seemed sort of promising. But then you add the "Lex argues with his inner child part, and I'm suddenly less thrilled. Here they are. [The TV Addict]

Even more spoilers for tonight's episode, from someone who's seen it: if Lex gets both of the Veritas keys, Clark will have to "do his bidding" and Lex will have complete control over Clark. Lex tells Clark, "I did try, Clark. In fact, when I first met you, you inspired me." Lex forbids anyone from going to Lionel's funeral, but Clark goes anyway. [Tasabian]