Ashton Kutcher posed as a robot being "tested" by his creator, in this photoshoot for vMan magazine with famous photographer Mario Testino. (See gallery below, completely with weirdly exaggerated robo-package in his briefs.) He says he got the idea from a Gatorade ad in which someone's being tested for their physical performance, and then he started thinking, what if God could test us, his creations, to see if we're fulfilling our function? And then somehow that led to him thinking about a robot being tested by his actual creator. Actually, his explanation is less cogent than that. But actually, Ashton's only the third creepiest and most inappropriately sexy robot in mass media at the moment. Want to see the two that are worse?

Another insanely creepy-yet-supposedly sexy robot is the Svedka vodka mascot, who's wheatpasted all over major cities right now. It's not just her weirdly exaggerated T&A, with the hydraulically tiny waist — we're used to that from superhero comics — but it's also the weirdly smug, yet unexpressive — face. She has a sort of mousey, dessicated smirk that makes her seem sort of unpleasant. Like a mean robot drunk, who puts robo-roofies in your glass when you're not looking.

The actual creepiest robot in mass media right now? Is the Burger King breakfast robot, part of a longstanding trend of the fast-food giant trying to make its mascot as alienating and scary as possible. (Which I sort of respect, since McDonald's also has a creepy mascot but tries to pretend otherwise.) In any case, someone went to a lot of trouble to find a Logan's Run-looking actor to play the guy who gets woken up rudely by the robo-King. As with Ashton and his robo-crotch, the Burger-bot gets in a moment of misplaced sexy-creepiness, when the purple-haired woman says he's so good with his hands, and he does a weird hand flutter. Ewwww! And yet, now I sort of want that breakfast thing. It's even ookier than the shaving robot ad.

[Ashton Kutcher from Trendhunter]
[Burger King robot from SuperPunch]