Sometimes it's not enough to wear your science fiction pride silently on the inside. Every now and then you want to let everyone know you've got an inner geek who loves particle physics, laser beams, clanking robots, and otherworldly exploration. So we've put together a geek ensemble, full of nice bits you can wear outside cosplay cons. You can mix and match, or if you're very brave you can try the whole thing at once. Check out our SF outfit below, which goes from the shoes on up.

  • Chuck Taylor All Star Sci Fi Shoes High Tops: You might have seen an ad for these running right here on io9, but this was the first time we'd heard about 'em. And well, yours truly had to order a pair of them, in black and white. And no, there was no special io9 discount, consarnit. These shoes are actually available in both black and white and color versions, and have words like "Otherworldly," "Invasion" and "Mars" emblazoned all over in different comic book fonts. Probably the best science fiction shoes we've seen besides these Space Invaders sneakers, or if this guy ever gets his Back to the Future Nikes petition approved.
  • Robot Socks: Unless you're five years old and wearing your Buzz Lightyear socks to school every day, it's hard to come up with something useful in the sock department. Thankfully, you've got Robot Socks to deal with the issue. Available for both men and women, these robots seem to be celebrating the joy of socks, or the sanctity of ankle covering. Maybe they're Amish robots, who knows. We're not really sure if the Owl Socks on that page are robot owls or what.
  • Supergirl S-Shield Thong: If you're a girl (or an adventurous guy) who is looking to pimp out their love for all things Superman, then you can't go wrong with this s-shield thong. See a cute geek who you wouldn't mind letting know you just picked up the latest issue of Action Comics? A peek is all he'll need, and it'll be like kryptonite to him.
  • Pocket Robot Boxer Shorts: For men, we were tempted to recommend these self-cleaning nanofabric briefs that can go for weeks without washing, but instead we were wooed by the power of Cafe Press, which features over 14,000 things you can emblazon on boxers. We're not so sure why we like robots on our clothes so much today, but how cute is this little guy peeking out of your shorts?
  • Han Cholo Ray Gun Belt Buckle: You can use any belt to hold up your pants, but the real scifi power of the belt is in the buckle. Han Cholo makes some of the coolest scifi and street bling out there, and this pewter belt buckle with an old-school ray gun is perfect. You could get it in silver or gold too, although that'll set you back several hundred bucks, making your pants a lot lighter.
  • Lederhosen With Built-In iPod Controls: Perhaps outdated German fashions will take over the world in 2099, making these very scifi in nature, but right now they look like something Nathan Fillion would step out of Serenity in, and they come with handy iPod controls on the pant leg as well. Admittedly, finding science fiction pants has been the hardest part of this post, and we wish we could all just go pantsless, like Zapp Brannigan. So it's either that or shiny silver spandex catsuits.
  • Retropolis T-Shirts: We've talked at great length about science fiction t-shirts in this post, and you can peruse the comments there for even more great suggestions. So how do we pick just one? The answer is simple: we don't. We just have a giant closet full of scifi shirts ready to go at a moment's notice, and the flavor of the day is Retropolis. These awesome t-shirts have a steampunk/BioShock feeling to them, and the designs are retro-cool. Plus check out their entire vintage futurism t-shirts section as well for extra retro-style. The t-shirt really is the most widely used geek badge of honor out there, so make your selection esoteric and fun.
  • Vereen Jacket: This is a perfect jacket to top off your outfit with, because it's straight enough to pass for a leather jacket, but those in the know will realize that you might have adamantium claws up your sleeves and will give you the proper respect, or sneering looks. Bonus: it doubles as a lookalike jacket for Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. You'll also get a lot less ribbing wearing this than you would if you went for the Neo-look, and yes... we've seen it in the wild.
  • A science fiction hat is just overkill. What are you, crazy?!

Ah how I miss things like Freaky Freezies (I had some with flying saucers on them), and Underoos (why don't they make those for adults?!). But, we're glad that geeks keep growing up, because it means they'll be in positions of power to makes the clothes we wanna buy. We realize there are literally thousands of choices out there when dressing up and proclaiming your love for science fiction, and we hope this has inspired you. At least to get those robot socks, c'mon.

Thanks to Bonnie Burton for said socks, and to Jeff for the Retropolis shirts!