Sorry, ladies. And gentlemen. While America's TV shows fall over themselves to broadcast in HD, you'll be waiting a long time to see a sharper, more realistic David Tennant on your screens if producer Russell T. Davies has anything to do with it. His reason for television ludditeness? A High Definition picture would show just how cheap the new Tardis actually is.

With Who spinoff Torchwood having made the jump to HD this year, Davies says that that unpleasant experience was enough to make him realize that Who should stay lo-fi as long as possible:

I had a terrible experience on Torchwood. There was a lack of training and there was no extra time or money... We'd have to stop and rebuild the tardis. The flaws would show and it would take a lot of money to fix it. So we won't move to HD while I'm there.


Personally, I think he's missing an amazing opportunity here. Ignoring the fact that the Tardis was always meant to be kind of crappy - wasn't it meant to be broken, after all? - the idea of offering hardcore fans of the original series this kind of olive branch is too good to pass up: "I may not be able to offer you four-part stories or overacting by classic British sitcom actors dressed in aluminum foil pretending to be aliens, but now that we're in HD, I can promise you a return to the days when the sets were so bad that you expected them to fall down in the middle of the episode!" The internet would fall at his feet.

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