In what can only be some kind of Machiavellian move to distract protesting fans from protesting about Fanboys, producer Bob Weinstein has announced a remake of 1986 nutty robot comedy Short Circuit, to be written by the people who came up with the original movie.

Calling the remake "a worthy addition to [Dimension Films'] family film slate" (which includes such family favorites as Grindhouse, Hallowe'en and something called Who's Your Caddy?, proving once and for all that Bob and brother Harvey clearly come from a particularly odd family), the remake will update the technology but otherwise maintain the mechanical hippie themes of the original, according to producer David Foster.

Hopefully, the inevitable future success of the remake - because, really, who could resist that cute ET-schtick-stealing military robot and his hilarious peacenik antics? - will be a harbinger of remakes of other 1980s SF movies starring Steve Guttenberg. I for one have been eagerly awaiting a new version of Cocoon for years.

'Short Circuit's' Johnny 5 still alive [Variety]