The greatest new DC Comics character of recent years, the new Blue Beetle, looks like he'll be turning up on the Cartoon Network this fall, as part of yet another Batman cartoon. The Brave and the Bold will team Batman with Jaime Reyes' Beetle, plus Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Aquaman. The Cartoon Network's upfront presentation to advertisers also included a few tidbits about the new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated show.


Clone Wars is "Star Wars starring an 11-year-old girl," according to George Lucas, referring to Ahsoka, the "feisty" apprentice to Anakin Skywalker in the cartoon. He showed clips of an acrobatic Yoda, a more menacing version of the evil General Grievous, Anakin and R2D2. Lucas also said that instead of making the show look like Beowulf or The Incredibles, he reached to Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds for inspiration. And he said the big advantage of doing television is that if you make a mistake, people will forget it a week later, when the next episode airs. (Clearly, Lucas doesn't spend much time on the internet.)

Clone Wars and Brave and the Bold will both be part of a Friday night "action/adventure bloc" on Cartoon. It also includes a relaunch of Ben 10 called Ben 10: Alien Force, and The Secret Saturdays, a show about "a family of world-saving adventure scientists." [TV Guide, thanks to Rich and Alex]