All those headlines about geneticists creating "chimeras" in the lab โ€” mingling human and animal DNA for experiments โ€” have finally spawned a new flick. But Splicers, coming out next year with stars Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley as beleaguered DNA mixers, isn't exactly the cool movie one might have hoped for.

Basically Brody and Polley create a human-animal hybrid creature that gets out of control. But we've been there, done that. Why not get really nasty, ala Bela Lugosi in 1930s shocker Murders in the Rue Morgue, and have our demented scientists trying to implant a naked lady with gorilla blood? (Yeah, the 30s were a crazy time.) Or how about going the more realistic route, dealing with what it would be like as a human-animal hybrid, with no civil rights due to that pesky nonhuman DNA? Sadly, Splicers will give us nothing more than another monster flick with a DNA twist. [Cinema Blend]