Scared of the idea of having to find a comic store to buy Marvel Comics' Secret Invasion series? You're in luck โ€” Marvel has created an alternative for people like you, as well as those who like to find free things online. Secret Invasion: Home Invasion is the name of the online comic addition to the publisher's alien invasion event, spinning out of a marketing campaign so viral, no-one in comics seemed to know it existed until this week.

While "the comics internet" had been focusing its fury on faux viral marketing blog "Marvel B0y," hundreds of people on the rest of the internet have been tuning into the MySpace video blog of Kinsey, an all-American teen who's been posting for the last month about being excited about her upcoming prom, how much school sucks and... well, how weird her brother Hank has been. What most of those viewers didn't realize at the time - until professional comics gossip Rich Johnston pointed it out - was that Kinsey was the creation of Marvel's Jim McCann and Ben Morse (Kinsey herself is portrayed by Megan Sherlock, Morse's partner), and that this latest lonelygirl15 would end her final video blog by discovering that her brother Hank was actually a Skrull invader from beyond the stars.


Surprisingly, the story didn't end with that reveal - Instead, it continues over on Marvel's own website in a three-times-a-week comic strip, Home Invasion:

An Internet sensation when her video blog started appearing on MySpace, Kinsey's adventures continue right here! Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited brings you the exclusive FREE digital comic โ€” SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION! Take an intimate look inside the life of a normal teenager living through the Skrull invasion and dealing with the fact that her brother's one of the enemy aliens!


The first page went online yesterday, with another page due Friday. It may not bring an entire generation of MySpacers to comic stores, but it may at least convince some that aliens really are about to invade our internets. []