Because drhayes demanded it (and who says we don't listen to our readers?), DC Comics have released some more information about the Legion of Super-Heroes-related tie-in to summer blockbuster Final Crisis. Called Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, the five-part series aims to tell a story that "is epic in its scope [going] across the universe, all across Earth, across time and space," according to writer Geoff Johns. Learn more under the jump.


A series that will not only tie in with the eight-part Final Crisis series that runs the entirety of DC history from the first boy on Earth to the last (Yes, Anthro and Kamandi will both appear), but also celebrate the Legion's 50th anniversary and sort out once and for all what's going on with all those multiple versions of the same characters may look like a tall order for most people, considering that that would mean upwards of 50 characters to deal with. Unless, apparently, you're Geoff Johns:

[T]here's a focus on a group of characters. Certain characters will really get the spotlight. A lot of other characters will be in the background. That's what George [Perez, artist on the series as well as 1980s "everyone in the DC universe" series Crisis on Infinite Earths] does. When you have these big epics and you have dozens and dozens of characters, it can get overwhelming, but there's a focus on a group of characters that have their goals and missions that really represent to me the heart of the Legion. And those characters will be getting most of the attention. But everybody will be in there. Just about everybody.


That "just about everybody" includes not just the Legion's regular cast(s), but also Superman-Prime (the nerdy, evil Superboy from Infinite Crisis and The Sinestro Corps War) and Lex Luthor, as well as the final Green Lantern in history. Having a large cast is just part and parcel of the whole "space epic" genre, but Johns doesn't see that as a problem for new readers:

[Y]ou don't have to know anything before you read it. This is Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes vs. Superboy-Prime and the Legion of Super-Villains... [My] goal is to have people cheering for these characters. Some people don't know the Legion yet. Some people don't see the value in the Legion yet. My goal is to have them cheering for them by the end of this. And if you already do know the Legion, you're going to cheer louder.

Expect time-travel, explanations about the mallable nature of reality and lots and lots of punching from the series when it launches in August.


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