This trailer for Star Ocean 4, the latest in the successful line of Japanese-style RPGs, shows us just some of the strange interplanetary phenomena we'll visit, and the spaceships we'll use to visit them. And the game's main character has the awesome name of Edge Maverick. Click through for more details.

Sadly, the trailer shows us very little about the game's plot or gameplay. The English-language title screens reveal the game will be a prequel to the other Star Ocean games, but publishers Tri-Ace and Square Enix have been very tightlipped with details since announcing the game in September of 2007.

All we know for sure is that the game will combine sci-fi and fantasy elements, allow the player to control a spaceship and explore different planets. And it features a hero named Edge Maverick. They haven't even announced the platform yet. The game has an official website, but there's nothing there beyond a pretty intro screen. The animation style of the trailer is interesting - at times it's hard to tell if you're looking at traditional animation or CGI. For some reason it reminds me of the old Voltron cartoon. Someone please explain to me why no one's made a Voltron video game yet.