Takashi Murakami is best known for his crazy anime-influenced art, including the crazy shroom creatures and weird Sailor Moon mutants we featured before. (Not to mention his $5,000 signature Louis Vuitton purses.) But this 19-foot aluminum and titanium Oval Buddha sculpture, which goes on display in Brooklyn on Saturday, proves he also has a knack for creating giant characters who could easily be from another planet.


Murakami, who says "I express hopelessness," picked up on the sexual fetishism and weirdness of anime, manga and otaku culture to create his own fusion of pop and otaku, called poku. He predicts that anime and otaku will give birth to a new culture in the future that will rejuvenate the Japanese art scene. But for now, he's commodifying his art and creating ambitious giant monsters, like this 23-foot tall Tongari-kun, or Mr. Pointy, who's also coming to Brooklyn. The show, called ©Murakami, traveled from LA in 11 trucks to the 18,500 square foot space. It'll be in NYC until mid-July. Images by Ted Rheingold and AP Exhibition main page