The two most anticipated summer superhero films (sorry, Hulk) put out their most eye-grabbing images yet — and then the studio tried to withdraw them, in the case of Iron Man. We also have some new details about Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who and Smallville. Plus you'll never guess which Lost character we're going to see as a baby — and who's present at the birth. Click through to see the full luridness of the Dark Knight photos, and to get inundated with spoilers.

The Dark Knight:

Here are some ultra-creepy new stills from The Dark Knight that just came out. I'd forgotten just how freaky Heath Ledger's Joker actually looks. [IESB]


The Lost crew was filming some scenes from episode 11, at an old mental hospital complex, which was done up to look like a hospital maternity ward in the 1950s. And supposedly the scenes include Baby Locke and his mother, the young Emily. Not only that, but the "ageless" Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) was there, wearing a stylish suit. And people on the set mentioned that Terry O'Quinn (Locke himself) was scheduled to be there tomorrow. Did Alpert visit Locke's birth? Is Locke time-traveling, or is this a flashback? [Lost Spoilers]

Battlestar Galactica:

In a long and very thought-provoking interview, Ron Moore dropped a few spoilers for Battlestar Galactica season four. Some relationships will be torn apart and not repaired, and we're going to lose some longstanding characters. Also, Laura Roslin starts the season strong and resolute, but then it "comes to a screeching halt." (Probably due to her cancer coming back.)


As we mentioned, Romo Lampkin comes back once during the first 10 episodes, and may appear again once during the second group of 10. Oh, and Moore confirms that the final Cylon is not one of the people in that famous "Last Supper" picture. [Chicago Tribune]


In the next Smallville episode (the one where Lex finally turns evil), we see the "young Lex" played by Connor Stanhope again. And Lex gets Chloe fired from the Daily Planet, which only makes her more determined to expose his evildoing. [Kryptonsite]

Doctor Who:

Here's a Doctor Who tidbit I hadn't seen before: Sarah Lancashire, who runs the evil diet pill company in the season opener, also guest stars in the final two-parter of the season. (Unless this is just a misprint, of course, since it says "guest stars to be revealed," and then mentions her name as a guest star.) [icWales]


And here's a video that shows a couple of clips from the new season. Apparently the only reason Donna is investigating the same shady doings as the Doctor is just because she figured if she looked for trouble she would find him. Because he opened her eyes to how big the universe was, etc. [Sky News]

Iron Man:

And here are some new Iron Man photos that turned up on Superhero Hype, only to be taken down. They're the most dynamic pics yet, even with the annoying Paramount watermark. [Slashfilm]