With all this eco-consciousness making everybody freak out, it was bound to happen that plants would start to haunt our nightmares. Freaky-ass pollen makes people kill themselves in M. Night Shyamalan's new flick The Happening (coming in June). And in The Ruins (coming out this Friday), a bunch of U.S. teens hiking in Mexico get their comeuppance from some angry vines. Yup, our super-evolved leafy pals are getting pissed. Light spoilers for The Ruins ahead.

I had thought The Ruins was going to be a pure supernatural horror flick, since it takes place in the ruins of some kind of Mayan (?) tomb in Mexico. A bunch of touristas from the U.S. get led there by evil natives who won't let them out. Trailers show a bunch of nice white kids being eaten up by black squirmy things — seemed like just another lameass horror movie using angry ancestral spirits as a way to demonstrate how yucky it is to go to Mexico on Spring Break and get worms or the runs.

But apparently the flick, according to Bloody Disgusting, is about an angry plant that eats people. Way cooler than angry spirits. And it seems the plant has "evolved" into this vicious human-eating state, much the way Shyamalan's plants have evolved that suicide-inducing toxin in The Happening. Now I'm actually vaguely intrigued by the movie, since it's high time plant monsters made a comeback. We cannot live on Triffids and Biollante alone.

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