Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

In this morning's spoiler round-up, we have a complete episode guide to the new season of the BBC's Doctor Who, including tons of weird details and pictures, thanks to British fans with busy scanners. We also have the first spoiler for the second half of Battlestar Galactica season four and some hints about another tragic event on Lost. Plus, a major change in format is on its way for Smallville, and Heroes is getting an important new character. Finally, there's a glimpse of an upcoming Hulk comic. It's all spoilers from here on out!

Doctor Who:

Someone has posted scans of the Radio Times guide to the new season of time-traveling soap opera Doctor Who, which gives away tons of information. (The Radio Times is the British TV listings magazine, despite the name.) Click on the thumbnails to read for yourself (they're backwards, sorry.)



And here's a quick rundown:

In the first episode, that diet pill company's slogan is "The Fat Just Walks Away," and it appears to be literally true. The weird babies made out of fat are kind of cute, in a disturbing way. Donna's realized she was nuts to turn down the chance to travel with the Doctor, back in the 2006 Christmas episode. In the second episode, Donna challenges the Doctor's determination to let the people of Pompeii die in the eruption. Plus there's a Cult of Vulcan, a Sisterhood with a horrible High Priestess, psychic powers "running rampant" and "vast creatures" (the Pyrovillians?) hiding underground.


And then in episode 3, "Planet of the Ood," the humans may be the bad guys this time around... until the Oods' eyes turn red and they start killing everyone. And the Doctor has an encounter with a "big claw." And then, in the Sontaran two-parter, the Sontarans are "out for revenge." Martha's also back, along with the military task force UNIT, and something called ATMOS is also threatening the world. And Donna reconnects with her family, including Wilf (Bernard Cribbins) whom we met in the latest Christmas special.

The next episode, "The Doctor's Daughter," is just what it sounds like. And her name is Jenny. Episode 7, the Agatha Christie episode, is as we've described: Christie's real-life disappearance, in 1926, turns out to be the work of a giant wasp. And then there's Steven ("Blink") Moffat's scary two-parter, in a huge deserted library, haunted by "moving shadows, the gruesome Nodes and the horrifying Data Ghost."

In episode 10, "Midnight," the Doctor and Donna arrive on a resort planet that offers everything you could possibly want. But the Doctor is left "powerless and terrified as the knocking on the wall begins." (I hate my neighbors too.) And then there's the "Doctor-lite" episode, in which Donna's whole life and family are devastated... and only Rose, back from a parallel universe, can help her.


In the final two-parter, "an ancient enemy is resurrected and the whole universe is thrown into danger." And there's something called the Children of Time. And dark hints that not everybody will make it out alive this time. (Does Rose die, or Donna?) [Doctor Who Community on Livejournal]


Kristen at E! Online posts some fake Lost spoilers for April Fools, and then somewhat annoyingly says that one of them is true. My money is on Juliet killing Claire, but I could be wrong. [E! Online]


Speaking of which, Claire is in "major danger" in the next Lost episode. And that huge kiss in the season finale is a male-female kiss. [Ask Ausiello]

Battlestar Galactica:

In the second half of Battlestar Galactica season four, airing later this year or in 2009, Starbuck becomes "inexplicably drawn" to a "handsome, charismatic and slick piano player" over a couple of episodes. The two become so linked that she tells him stuff nobody else knows. I'm guessing this piano player is Leoben, but I hope I'm wrong. [Ask Ausiello again]


And here's a slightly different version of the Battlestar season four trailer we've already posted. It's a bit longer, and contains maybe a few seconds of footage we haven't already seen. In particular, Saul Tigh says, "If we draw attention to ourselves, we're frakked." And Bill Adama shouts "She betrayed a promise to me." And one of the Sixes tells some other Cylons that someone is going to attack. I think that's all that's new. [Spoiler TV]


Smallville season eight will be all about Lois and Clark. And if he appears at all, Lex will get a new sidekick. [Comic Book Resources]


Meanwhile, the 150th episode of Smallville, airing May 1, shows Clark a dark alternate Earth where he never crash-landed. This is the world that Brainiac (James Marsters) wants to create for real. Also, in that episode, we get our first glimpse at Clark sporting "an iconic Superman look," at Lois Lane's instigation. Lana will be in some of the remaining episodes, but not all. And the season ends with an episode, "Arctic," in which Lex discovers an important piece of Superman's heritage in a frosty place. [Ask Ausiello once again]


Mohinder may not be the narrator in volume three of Heroes. At least, Tim Kring is scouting for a fifty-something Australian Aborigine actor to play a "storyteller with great wisdom and a soft, soothing voice." [Ask Ausiello again]



In Hulk #3, the new Red Hulk fights the new Abomination, aka Rick Jones, aka A-Bomb. The issue will contain crucial clues to the identity of the new Hulk, who apparently takes some time out to paint his nails all gothy. [Comic Book Resources again]