Wondering what the highpoint is for Angel and Buffy veteran James Marsters about his role as intergalactic bastard Captain John in BBC's Torchwood? That American bigots will have a hard time with the show's - and his character's - sexuality. More on that, as well as Marsters talking about the possibility of a Spike project, under the jump.

Talking about the much rumored Spike movie spinning out of the character's appearances in Angel, Marsters said that while he still wants to do it, he doesn't think that Whedon is that into the idea:

I never really felt that Spike was a character that held Joss's imagination, frankly. He was not designed to be part of that show. In the original concept of the show, vampires were to be killed, they were not to be felt for or liked. When I came around suddenly he had two vampires everyone liked - first he had Angel to contend with, which was not his idea, and then he had Spike. In a way I was in peril with the theme of the show in his eyes. In the back of my mind when the shows [ended], I kind of wondered if he would ever come back to the character. I thought it would be better for him if he didn't deal with that character any more. I never thought he'd get [the movie] off the ground actually, even when he was telling me he was going to get it off the ground.


Of course, Marsters isn't hanging around just waiting for that project to happen; in addition to his never-ending series of guest-spots on Smallville, he's also a recurring bad guy in Torchwood, which amuses him greatly:

That show is the best. I love that show! That show's pissing all the right people off, I love it... I'm sure in the UK it is accepted for what it is more, but in Mexico and in the United States, there's a good streak of homophobia. A lot of characters are unabashedly bisexual in Torchwood; in fact my character's way beyond bisexual, my character will do anything that has a hole! I used to do lots of plays that could piss people off for the right reason and Torchwood's found a way to do that.

Marsters returns in the two-part finale to Torchwood's second season, bringing (potential) death and destruction in his wake, making sure that even the show's fans will get pissed off this time around. You've got to admire the man's dedication.


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