Yes, we have assimilated more autonomous beings into the collective using our io9 brain implants. Now it's time for you to find out who will be installing your implant upgrades and filling this blog with new and strange information. We've got a couple of new contributors, and some new columnists too. Meet the new io9ers below.

Ed Grabianowski will be a contributor covering science and and games. He's a freelance writer (and occasional drummer, guitarist and singer) from Buffalo, NY. He's been a contributing writer for for the last five years. Ed is a fan of Blade Runner, Jack McDevitt, Nikola Tesla, and all things post-apocalyptic. In fact, he is one of the few people who will publicly admit to liking Kevin Costner's The Postman. Photograph of Ed by Michael Calanan.

Michael Reilly will be joining us as a contributor too, covering science. He's also a contributing writer at New Scientist, and has written for Wired. Michael used to study volcanoes as a geochemistry researcher, but obviously he's moved on to more exciting things than giant explosions erupting from the depths of the Earth. He's responsible for inventing the well-known slogan, "Death rays don't kill people . . . people kill people."

Ann & Jeff VanderMeer will be writing a column for io9 about SF/fantastic art. Ann is an editor at the venerable Weird Tales magazine, and with Jeff she also co-edited the anthologies The New Weird and the forthcoming Steampunk. Jeff is the author of several books, including City of Saints and Madmen, The Situation, and Shriek: An Afterword. Photo of Jeff and Ann by Bogdan Hrib.

Terry Johnson will also be writing a column for io9, which is basically about everything you've always wanted to ask a biology researcher but were afraid was too weird. Therefore it should not be surprising that Terry is a biology researcher who is willing to answer strange questions. He teaches at UC Berkeley, and is the co-author of a forthcoming book about the future of bioengineering from Bantam-Dell.

Top image of space via AP Photo/NASA/JPL/CALTECH