Before I tell you all about Secret Invasion again β€” the first issue arrives in stores tomorrow β€” I have just five words for you: Zombies Vs. Robots Vs. Amazons. Ignoring the potential sequel, "Zombies Vs. Robots Vs. Amazons Vs. Your Mother," how much more awesome can one comic sound? Find out about the war to end all wars, as well as invading aliens who look just like you and other four color funnies under the jump.

Okay, so back to those Amazon-fightin', zombie-hatin' robots. As you may be able to guess, Zombies Vs. Robots Vs. Amazons is a hardcover collection of the sequel to Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood's Zombies Vs. Robots, and just like its predecessor, it pretty much does what it promises in the title. As the solicitation for the book explains:

When last we visited the Zombies vs. Robots world, nuclear war had decimated the population of the entire globe, including zombies and robots alike. So who is left to fight? And how is an island of Amazon warrior-women involved this time around?

Try and resist. You won't be able to.

Also irresistible despite your better intentions is Marvel's Secret Invasion, which finally launches tomorrow. Years in the making, the publisher's "big summer blockbuster" (ignoring the actual summer blockbusters that its movie arm is putting out this year) plans to ramp up your paranoia, return some heroes to their original states, and shoot Mr. Fantastic in the head so that he turns into a pile of jelly. Carnage-a-go-go awaits you, for less than $4.


Elsewhere in the world of comics, one of Judge Dredd's most popular stories gets the deluxe treatment with the release of Judge Dredd: The Complete America, showing just why freedom and democracy are bad ideas in the 23rd century land of the free (Here's a clue: He is the law). Fans of dystopian British pulp SF may also want to pick up Warren Ellis' new series, Anna Mercury, which mixes Lara Croft, the Shadow and β€” apparently β€” Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon together to come up with five issues of potential good stuff.

(Also worth checking out in the same vein, but not necessarily SF: Holmes, an alternate-history take on Arthur Conan Doyle's favorite dick, which gets a collection courtesy of AiT-PlanetLar this week.)


For those who find all that dystopian crap too much to deal with, then DC Comics has you covered. You can follow the adventures of the original Last Boy on Earth in the Planet Of The Apes-inspired Countdown Special: Kamandi oneshot. Or you could go for the cute with Shazam - The Greatest Stories Ever Told, which collects more Captain Marvel magic than you could ever want to see.

Of course, it's possible that you would rather avoid old men inviting children into caves, but thankfully, there's a world of other wonders in this week's shipping list, and as for where to buy those beauties of amazement? You can track down your nearest store right here.