Previously, I showed you an intensely overdone futuristic office space from Japan that made privacy almost nonexistent. Now, we have an uber-minimalist office idea from Dutch interior designer Jack Brandsma. He created SpareSpace, a portable desk that folds into a table or refolds into a bar, complete with sink. It's perfect for rootless tech workers whose jobs take them to offices all over the world. Now, they can bring their desks (and bars) along with their Mac Airs.

Here you can see all the configurations: bar, table, and desk.

Personally, I think SpareSpace is more likely to represent the future of office space than the Japanese desk. Why? Because the economies of future nations will be so intertwined that it will be impossible for a corporate worker to remain situated in one static place all the time. Better to have a workspace that can come with you on your journeys. Especially once we invent teleportation. Images by Sabina Theijs


Jack Brandsma main page via Dezeen