Break out your legwarmers and Frankie Says t-shirts - BBC time travel drama Ashes to Ashes has been given a second season despite losing more than a fifth of its audience by the end of its first. The show, which follows policewoman Alex Drake after she finds herself stuck in 1981 after being shot in 2008, is a sequel to the similarly-plotted Life on Mars, which starred John Simms (better known to US audiences as The Master in the third season of Doctor Who) as a policeman trapped in the early '70s following a contemporary shooting.

Like its predecessor, already being remade for an American audience courtesy of Boston Legal's David Kelley for ABC, Ashes to Ashes mixes a traditional cop show aesthetic with a long-running science fiction subplot about whether time travel is possible or the result of a psychotic break, despite fairly clearly answering that question in the finale of Mars. The new show doesn't only share a conceit, however; the entire supporting cast of the original series have made it into the new one, a decade older but still with bad taste in clothing and cars.


The second season will begin shooting this Summer for a 2009 premiere.

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