Not content with making Superman Returns a movie that separated the mainstream audiences from the Superman obsessives (I'm in the latter camp, surprisingly), screenwriter Michael Dougherty is turning his nerd gaze to the Godzilla genre with a new project Calling All Robots, which promises to merge Beowulf-style animation with giant green lizard levels of carnage and destruction. Potentially greatest movie ever, or just Cloverfield with even less-lifelike actors? Find out more under the jump.

Former animator Doughtery plans to direct the movie that he's co-writing with visual designers Breehn Burns and Simeon Wilkins (who previously worked as a storyboard artist on Beowulf and Hellboy), and says that the movie has a very clear point of origin:

[The movie will] tell a story that's a throwback to old Godzilla movies... I grew up watching Godzilla movies. This film is very much rooted in those movies.


I demand to see Ray Winstone's face digitally mapped to a gigantic monster threatening Japan right now.

Flickr image by Dan Coulter.

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