Jess Burgess looks out over Killian Court on the M.I.T. campus, where students created a giant 20-sided die last week as a memorial for Dungeons and Dragons creator Gary Gygax. 20-sided dice are a crucial part of that game. If you couldn't get over to Cambridge, Mass, to place flowers at the foot of the giant die, we've got some other ways for you to show your love for Gygax with 20-sided dice displays.

First, there are the excellent fuzzy 20-sided dice for your rear view mirror, available through ThinkGeek.

You can get a silver necklace with a picture of a 20-sided dice on it from SplitReason.

Over on Etsy, pawandclawdesigns offers a necklace made with a real 20-sided dice. And beepbeephello offers 20-sided dice earrings that are lovely.

And just yesterday, I heard a rumor that soon there will be 20-sided dice socks available from the wonderful people who bring you RobotSocks. Maybe even by next month! WIN!

MIT image via Eric Schmeidl via Laughing Squid.