The Western suburbs of London were a fantastic place to be a sad android fetishist in the late 1990s. Adult contemporary radio stations in two cities, Slough and Guildford, developed Sorayama-esque android DJs, Twinkle and Talon, who wore silver bodysuits, silver hair and (in the case of Talon) a chrome bustier. Guildford's Talon became so popular she did public appearances, endorsed Andrex facial tissue, and even had two backup dancers. And she also posed for some very bizarre cheescake (circuitcake?) photos, all in the name of connecting more people to Air Supply. Click through for more details and a gallery.

Talon was the wholesome mascot of 96.4 Eagle, the "adult contemporary" radio station in Guildford, England, DJing during the weekday overnight and Saturday afternoon slots. She seems to have spoken on the radio, judging from the photos of her on the microphone. Her predecessor Twinkle, by contrast, was voiced by a pre-recorded woman in Dallas with the cyber-sounding name of Pamela Steele. (Oh, and here's Pamela voicing a "Manwich" commercial.)


Talon started out with a black bustier, but graduated to her chrome look eventually. She had two "minders," Sophie and Gill, who also took turns being inside the costume. (Talon also had other "minders" who were more bouncer-y, in case someone got any ideas.) In some of the pictures, Sophie and Gill do a weird sort of dance routine, in which they seem to be worshipping their new android ruler, literally bending over backwards while she gestures over them.

The promo photos of the two androids range from the titillating to the seriously disturbing. I will refrain from pointing out that the exact midpoint of Guildford and Slough is the town of Staines. Images by Lemoncat1.