One of the best parts of video-game classic Mass Effect was the ability to take your ship to different planets throughout the galaxy, and actually touch down, get out and explore the places. A new game, The Tomorrow War, takes that concept and expands on it exponentially, giving you a virtual sandbox of systems and worlds to explore. Of course, if you have to dole out some Soviet-style ass-kicking in the process, then so be it. At least you'll be tooling around in this cruiser that looks a lot like the U.S.S. Sulaco from Aliens. Check out a full gallery of new images from this game below.

This game is based on a trilogy of novels by Russian author Alexander Zorich, which present an alternate future where the Russians end up dominating outer space. As they struggle to control their extraterrestrial colonies and work with four different alien races, you take command of a ship and help quell uprisings and explore the universe. Complete planetary systems are modeled, and you can take your ships all the way from high orbit down into the atmosphere for your peeping pleasure. Hopefully you've developed some extrasensory abilities along the way as well, because it looks like you'll need them to keep track of everything happening on-screen at once. The Tomorrow War will be out for PC gamers later this year, and with any luck there will be an English translation coming soon after.