The Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica, isn't the only show the Sci Fi Channel has on the drawing board. Sci Fi is also developing The Stranded, the show about ordinary people who realize they're superpowered aliens, which we mentioned the other day. And Sci Fi unveiled two other "backdoor pilots" at its upfront presentation in New York yesterday.

Someone has already reviewed the first issue of The Stranded comic, written by Mike "My Faith In Frankie" Carey, which should give some clues to the plot of the TV show. A mysterious man named Janus is hunting down Sleepers, who are aliens living among us, and a beautiful woman named Tamree is protecting the Sleepers from him. She seeks the aid of Professor Zantee, part of whose brain has been transplanted into a rat. Really. And she wants to contact the other "anchors," or protectors of the Sleepers, to warn them. But Zantee the rat refuses, because he doesn't want to put the other anchors into danger.


And here are the other new shows Sci Fi has on the sked: True Believer, developed with Rosario Dawson, is about a nerd who hires a rundown superhero to teach him to fight crime. And Deputized is a comedy-drama about an "everyman" who gets superpowers and joins an intergalactic police force. In other words, lots of superhero riffs, just in time for everyone being sick of Heroes. (There's also Alice, a riff on Alice In Wonderland by the people who brought you Tin Man.) [Variety]