Lots of little spoilers this morning — including the focus of an upcoming Lost episode, who's not coming back on Smallville, and which Battlestar favorite will turn up again soon. Plus we have some new promo pics from Battlestar season four. There are also new leaks for Heroes, Torchwood and a new Transformers comic. This is your one and only spoiler warning!

In response to your comments yesterday, I'm trying a new format, using a little subhead if there's more than one spoiler per show/movie. What do you think?


  • A fan's flickr page includes some more pics of Lost filming episode 9 in Hawaii. You can see Middle Eastern-y surroundings, pics of Saddam, and U.S. troops. [Ryan, via Spoilerslost]
  • Another upcoming Lost episode will be a Kate-centric ep, possibly episode 10. [E! Online]
  • Thursday's episode features flash-backs to Michael's arrival in New York after he left the island, featuring Cynthia Watros as deceased character Libby. [Televisionista]


  • Smallville won't feature much of departing regular Lana Lang at all, because actress Kristin Kreuk is hanging out in Thailand. She will be in an "undetermined but small" number of episodes of season eight. [Comic Book Resources]
  • Also, in episode 16 of the current season, Lex confronts Chloe about something he believes she stole from him... and bitchiness ensues! [Spoilergeeks]

Battlestar Galactica:

  • Romo Lampkin, the Blues Brothers-y attorney who defended Gaius Baltar in Battlestar season three, will be back in one episode of the ten-episode block that airs this spring. And he'll turn up once more in the second ten-hour block, probably appearing in 2009. [Chicago Tribune]
  • And here are some promo pics from the season opener.


  • Heroes season three may feature shapeshifters in an important role. (Presumably not just Candice, the shapeshifter we already met.) [Comic Book Resources again]
  • Samuel L. Jackson will not be appearing as Col. Nick Fury in the Iron Man movie after all. But footage of Jackson as Fury may turn up... somewhere. [Slashfilm]
  • In this week's Torchwood, Gwen walks in on Captain Jack and Ianto, naked and affectionate. And then Jack, still dissheveled, tells her to stop investigating the rift activity that's making people disappear. [Pink Fairy]
  • An upcoming Transformers comic will focus on Wheelie and reveal why Wheelie talks in rhyming couplets, says writer Simon Furman. It'll also introduce three new Decepcticons and tie in with some upcoming stuff for 2009. [Seibertron]