Pixar Animation Studios may be preparing its first live-action movie: John Carter of Mars. And Wall-E director Andrew Stanton may direct, sources are claiming. Click through to find out how the Chronicles of Narnia may give way to the might of Edgar Rice Burroughs' greatest non-Tarzan hero.

Disney/Pixar grabbed up a raft of domain names last Friday, including johncarterandthegodsofmars.com, johncarterandthewarlordofmars.com, godsofmarsmovie.com and warlordofmars-movie.com. And last August, Disney snagged johncarterofmars-movie.com and some variants, plus childrenofmars.com in November.


Jim Hill, who covers Disney in depth, says "insiders" claim Ratatouille screenwriter Mark Andrews has completed his first draft of a John Carter script. And both Disney and Pixar insiders are excited by the draft, and eager to put it into production. The movie could come out as soon as 2011 or 2012. Pixar has been saying for a while that it wants to do a live-action movie, and The Incredibles director Brad Bird will be directing 1906, about the San Francisco Earthquake, as a Disney/Pixar co-production.

Part of the urgency for a John Carter franchise comes from the fact that Disney is losing enthusiasm for the Narnia movies, and probably won't make any more after Prince Caspian and Dawn Treader, unless they massively outperform expectations. So Disney will have a Narnia-sized hole in its schedule in 2011 and beyond, which can only be filled with two-fisted sword-wrangling Martian action. [Jim Hill Media]