Addicts of the game Mass Effect, which focuses on the discovery of cool alien tech about 150 years from now, have no doubt been spending this week inside. They're huddled in front of their screens, playing the first downloadable addition to the game, "Bring Down The Sky," released earlier this week. The pack - available via the Xbox Live Marketplace - introduces players to an entirely new alien race, the Batarians, who clearly don't come in peace: They've hijacked an asteroid station and are about to crash it into a colony on a nearby planet.

"Bring Down The Sky" is the first in a series of planned updates for the popular game series (originally planned as a trilogy, but now being spoken of by makers EA as a "franchise for a very long time"), with a second game due in the near future, in addition to the already-existant book series and soundtrack album. I would complain about the fanbase being sucked dry, but it's always good to keep voiceover talent like Lance Henriksen, Seth Green and Marina Sirtis off the streets.

Mass Effect Xbox Live Content Launched [Digital]