Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier released a "commentary" on the movie's new trailer, and gave away many of the film's secrets. Depending on how you feel about half-hour fight scenes, his revelations will either thrill or appall you. Click through to read all the dirt (including spoilers) on the new Hulk.

Among the tidbits Leterrier dropped:

  • We see Bruce transform into the Hulk in the first three minutes of the movie, so there's no long drawn-out buildup. The first Hulk fight is a brawl in a Brazilian bottle factory, with lots of soda bottles flying, and we sort of see the Hulk's sillhouette. (According to the script report we read a while back, Bruce is hiding out as a worker at that factory.) This isn't an origin story, and Bruce is already fully Hulked at the start.
  • As you may have guessed, the guy playing chess with Bruce is Dr. Leonard Samson, the shrink who tries to cure him of his Hulk-y issues in the comics (and maybe in the movie too.) But no green hair or super-strength, like in the comics. Bruce is an angsty conflicted hero, just like Spider-Man.
  • Bruce uses meditation to try and keep the Hulk under control, and also uses "Brazilian jujitsu" to try and fight people without actually getting angry. Betty is Bruce's soul-mate, at the start of the film, but she's also the reason he gets caught.
  • General Ross (William Hurt) not only wants to control the Hulk's power, to create super-soldiers, but is obsessed with the Hulk. He's all Ahab-ed out.
  • Tim Roth, as the Abomination, is an over-the-hill, washed-out old soldier who can't accept his failure.
  • Leterrier chose to make the Abomination less fishy looking than his comics version, and opted instead for a more massive growth of bones and muscle. His elbows can become "Chinese knives," and he's got a "tongue thing" and "heel spikes." His bones basically stick out and become an exoskeleton. He may look sort of orange in the dark street scenes, with all the fire around him, but he's actually bright green, like the Hulk.
  • The reason it took so long to release this trailer is because none of the shots were finished. A theatrical version will show a close-up of the Hulk's face crying out for Betty, but that shot isn't ready yet. The shots of the Hulk all require tons of "calculation and technique."
  • That scene of the Hulk and the Abomination running towards each other is really from the end of the movie, as you've suspected. But instead of a six-minute final battle like most movies, Hulk will have a 26-minute smackdown in the city between the two green behemoths. That's nearly half an hour of them kicking and throwing cars and putting craters in the asphalt.

[Empire Online, via Dean]