Argentina has been having a huge UFO boom, with 64 reported sightings in 2008 alone. And some of the UFO photos have become remarkably detailed, showing things like insignia and little fins. Thanks to digital cameras (and maybe Photoshop) people are able to create much, much more believable evidence of extraterrestrial vehicles zooming over Buenos Aires. But is the truth out there? Click through for more photos, and some details of the sightings.

What's great about the Argentinian UFO boom is that some of the sightings have included multiple vehicles. (Why should alien visitors have to travel alone?) For example, on Jan. 1, a Buenos Aires man witnessed "a perfect triangular formation of three vehicles," heading toward Rio de la Plata. Other sightings include "a group of lights" and "two luminous objects."

Some of the UFOs are the traditional saucer shape, while others are V-shaped, rocket shaped, rotating black objects, or just a big orange sphere. Which could mean that multiple different alien races are visiting Argentina, or it could mean that our visitors have a variety of different craft. Also notable, however, is the fact that the word "phantom" comes up a lot. So the alien visitors could actually be ghosts.