Dying to know more about Joss Whedon's new amnesiac-agent show Dollhouse? So are we, and luckily a couple of casting "sides" have leaked. These appear to be scenes written for actors auditioning for major supporting roles opposite star Eliza Dushku, and they give away a lot of potential plot and backstory on the show. We also have a bunch of new Lost spoilers, including location photos. Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

In case you forgot the official synopsis, Dollhouse is about a group of "Dolls," or "Actives," who can be programmed to be anyone and do anything, for paying clients. When they're not out on a programmed mission, they're "blank," amnesiac and childlike in the Dollhouse. The whole shebang is illegal, and the people involved may not be that altruistic.

The pages seem to be for casting Dr. Claire Sanders, "a gorgeous older woman" (with a knife-scarred face) who works at the Dollhouse, and Sierra, one of Echo's fellow Dolls and the closest thing Echo has to a friend. (Here's our list of the show's characters, just to refresh your memory.)

We see a scene between Claire and Topher, the geek who programs the Dolls (and who's smitten with Claire.) It seems as though Topher is worried because Claire is sending the Dolls out on "pro bono" missions, and he's trying to sneak a glance at Echo's file, even though he has a perfect right to see it. One of those "pro bono" missions had Echo sit at the bedside of a sick girl for three days, putting a strain on the valuable Doll. Claire retorts that the "pro bono" missions are making the Dolls better, and there has to be more to their existence than validating the "whims of the rich," including sex and crime. Topher's not interested in improving the Dolls, and accidentally gives away how much he enjoys programming them to enjoy their dirty work.


Sierra has three scenes, showcasing how versatile she and Echo will have to be: In one, she's in the Dollhouse with fellow Dolls Echo and Victor. The dialogue is very childlike, and feels very River Tam-esque. In the second, she's been programmed to be a safecracker, and she taunts a fellow safecracker with her superior knowledge. She's in charge, the smart-assed opposite of her earlier babyish self. And then in the third scene, she's a "socialite," dropping witty lines about shoes and teasing an older woman for being too high-minded.

Bottom line: As you might have guessed, Dollhouse will probably be the most twisted thing Joss has ever done, and also pretty arty. I'm not optimistic about its chances on Fox. But fingers crossed! [SpoilerTV]

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