When society implodes, women need to make themselves easy zombie targets, so the boys can run to the hills and get weaponized. That seems to be the point of a lot of self-proclaimed post-apocalyptic fashion, at least. From floor-length hobble skirts with a million straps to straitjackets to kinky boots, the clothes in SludgeFaktory's post-apocalyptic collection would be worst thing to wear while trying to escape from cannibal bikers. Weirdly, mainstream fashion designers are creating more appropriate dystopian future-wear. Click through for images.

At least the pre-torn skirts and tops will save the cyborgs a lot of time, when they catch up with you. And it's good that one skirt says "CANNIBAL" on it, lest your captors forget what they are.

Meanwhile, self-proclaimed postapocalyptic designer Yeohlee Teng unveiled her fall 2008 collection last month, and it actually does look like stuff that might offer some protection from falling satellites and spattering monster blood. Could this be a rare instance where mainstream fashion is actually smarter than subculture wear? Look at this gallery and decide for yourself:

Yeohlee photos by Scott Gries/Getty Images for IMG.