Okay, so this week's comics don't have Sarah Michelle Gellar doing the [SPOILER] with a hot young [SPOILER], but that doesn't mean Joss Whedon fans need to be sad. In fact, it's time for River Tam fans to rejoice. Plus, the decline and fall of Frankenstein's Monster is something, right...? Yeah, I know. You'd rather have Buffster in the buff. But take a look at tomorrow's haul anyway. You just may be surprised.

Pick of the week for the majority of io9 readers would probably be the first issue of Serenity: Better Days, a new three-issue series set between Firefly and Serenity written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews (who also has a very enjoyable Lone Ranger and Tonto one-shot special hitting stores this week for those who dig the cowboy action.) It's drawn by Will Conrad, who also worked with Whedon and Matthews on 2005's Serenity: Those Left Behind series. For those of us who — spoiler warning — preferred Wash before he was dead, this is the next best thing to another movie, which is itself the next best thing to more Firefly on TV.

If the prospect of browncoat glee leaves you cold, then Image Comics' Screamland may be more your speed. The new series by newish creators Harold Sipe and Hector Casanova asks the kind of question that the suits at Fox are probably wishing they'd come up with first: "In a world where the movies are full of computer generated special-effects and psychological horror porn, how do classic horror icons like Dracula, the Wolfman and the Mummy make a living?" Yes, it's high concept comedy with added social commentary just the way you like it, as this first issue tale of Frankenstein's Monster's comeback attempt following the dot-com crash plans to demonstrate.

Elsewhere, it's all about the old favorites. DC Comics is reliving their '80s heyday with two reprints aimed at people pretty much exactly the same age as me. Justice League International collects the first half-year of the post-Crisis "funny" League in expensive hardcover format, while Lobo: Portrait of A Bastich collects Keith Giffen and 2000AD creators Alan Grant and Simon Bisley's two miniseries (Lobo and Lobo's Back, for those who wonder) about everyone's favorite indestructible sexist Beetlejuice-lookalike alien bounty hunter.


Marvel, for what it's worth, pretty much takes the week off, with only a trade paperback collection of alternate timeline drama X-Men: Die By The Sword worth mentioning — and even that's only to point out that the X-Men don't actually appear in the story despite the title (It's a team-up of Chris Claremont's other mutant teams, Excalibur and Exiles, so there are some former X-Men in there if you're going through withdrawal).

As usual, the full shipping list of what's coming to stores on Wednesday can be found here, and an easy-to-use way to find out where your local comic store is can be found here. Just watch out for the hordes of women who long to sleep with Adam Baldwin when you get there.