Nate Wragg is a cool artist from Davis, California who draws colorful scenes of monster battles and women-snatching cyclops robots on alien planets. In this 2007 piece, he illustrates a fight between Yeti and Bigfoot using acrylics, gouache, and paper cutouts. Okay, Wragg's actually not just some dude from California. He's a hot shot artist for Pixar — you can see his work in movies like Ratatouille. Click through to see his (maybe NSFW) homage to scifi pulp art.

This piece, called Use Technology to Collect the Women!, shows a giant, multi-limbed cyclops-like robot piloted by scientists on a mission to collect naked women on some unknown planet. "I have to say I love the logic of Sci-Fi pulp," Wragg writes on his blog. Images by Nate Wragg Nate Wragg via NotCot