Smallville will try to imitate Lost — which will be doing something completely different. Meanwhile, Doctor Who is visiting more alien planets and showcasing radically different alien monsters in its fourth season. Learn more in our television-heavy round of spoilers this morning, which also include clips from next week's Lost, and new promo images from Smallville and Jericho. Because we're all about giving away the surprise.

  • The new 3-D Tron movie, due in 2011, will definitely be a sequel, not a reboot or revamp, sources tell io9.
  • Next week's Lost, featuring Jin and Sun, will redefine the flash-forward/flash-back device once again, and you won't be able to figure it out until the end. And here are two advance clips from the episode. [SpoilersLost]
  • Another huge batch of Doctor Who spoilers, this time from Doctor Who Magazine, confirm a lot of our spoilers from yesterday. As you may have gathered, that old newspaper seller from the Christmas special will be back as Donna's friend (uncle?), and we also meet Donna's mom. In the second episode, set in ancient Pompeii, there are rock monsters. In the Sontaran episode, their leader is General Staal. [Angel Fire East]
  • The March 27 episode of Smallville will borrow from Lost and feature flashbacks, this time to the era when Lionel Luthor, the Teagues, the Queens and Swann were all working together, in the 1980s. We'll see Robert Queen, Young Oliver Queen and Young Patricia Swann. Genevieve Teague will appear, but Jane Seymour won't play her. The headline we saw back in Smallville's first episode, about the CEO of Queen Industries going missing, will factor into this. Chloe will confront Lionel about his true motivations, and so will Lex and Lois. Also, Brainiac is back, and he's got Kara. The episode, which was designed as a possible season finale (thanks to the writers' strike) but actually isn't one, will explore the Smallville mythos in detail. After this episode, nothing will be the same again! Except for all the things that will be the same. Here are some promo pics from the episode. [Operation Save Clark Kent]
  • The ninth episode of Stargate: Atlantis season five is called "The Queen." [Spoiler TV]
  • Next week's Jericho follows straight on from this week's shock ending. Mimi is in the hospital, and Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show is frantically operating to save her life. But Jake and his men have to protect her from Goetz, who wants to silence her any way he can. So Jake and his Rangers wind up barricaded in the hospital. And then the following week, Major Beck finally decides to prove he's not a total push-over, taking extreme measures to regain control over Jericho. And Chavez contacts Hawkins to let him know it's finally time to move the bomb. And here are some promo pics. [Remote Access]