The official blog for Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie just released five new images, showing a first look at the costumes for the film's main characters. As with the previous images we've seen from this film, it's obvious Snyder's obsessive attention to detail will make Watchmen the most perfect homage to Dave Gibbons' art and designs you could imagine. Of course, copying Gibbons' 1980s images is the easy part: doing justice to Alan Moore's dark allegory of power-mad superheroes and Cold War paranoia will be much, much harder... especially so far removed from the Cold War.

I only have one nitpick about these gorgeous images, and that's that Nite Owl looks way more like Batman than Blue Beetle, the old-school superhero which Moore and Gibbons actually based him on. But having a Batman-esque figure in the film is probably a good thing for its marketability... even if he turns out to be as much of a schlub as his counterpart in the graphic novel. [Watchmen blog, thanks Abraham and Jamais!]