French architect Vincent Callebaut imagines this UFO-looking Anti-Smog Innovation Center as a super center of the future where people can hang out, look at art, hold meetings, or grab a meal. The plan is to suspend this building atop the Canal de L'Ourcq in Paris, where it will simultaneously look awesome and remind Parisians of the need to be eco-conscious. What are the specs on this building, which produces most of its own energy and water?


- 2700 square feet of solar panels will produce enough energy to power the building and more.
- A structure coated with titanium dioxide, called the Solar Drop, reacts with UV rays from the sun taht break down smog using photo-catalysm.
- Rainwater is collected from the rooftop for use in the building.
- A helical, 148-foot tall "Wind Tower" captures breezes coming across the canal and turns it into energy. Images by Vincent Callebaut

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