What's that you say? You feel that the world of comics may have many things for many people โ€” including, this week, the long-awaited Wonder Woman revamp by a Gray's Anatomy writer, alcoholic corporate superheroes and time-traveling cyborg mutants โ€” but it's still lacking the crucial element of video-game-based space zombies? Well, you're in for a treat with this week's haul, my friend. Click under the jump to find out why.


One of the major launches for this week is Image Comics' adaptation of the upcoming EA video game Dead Space. With art by 30 Days of Night's Ben Templesmith and writing by friend-of-Alan-Moore Antony Johnston, the six-issue series gives you the backstory of just how the game's mysterious alien race (which possesses and transforms human beings into lumbering killer monsters) got loose in the first place. Murky art and murkier morality will undoubtedly come into play in this one.

For those who prefer their morally-compromised heroes to be much shinier, perhaps you'd be interested in Marvel's Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle, a new hardcover collection of the classic, overwrought 1980s storyline where industrialist-turned-armored avenger Tony Stark comes to terms with his alcoholism and realizes that 12-step programs are harder when you have boot jets. If there's a better way to prep for the upcoming Robert Downey Jr. movie, then it's not coming out this week.


Speaking of morally compromised heroes, DC's Wonder Woman lost some of her satin-tights sheen after she executed a baddie a few years ago. But she burst back onto the comics scene after a few months' absence in 2006, with a delay-plagued storyline from TV writer Allen Heinberg (The OC, Gray's Anatomy) that tried to redefine the character and remind you of why you liked her in the first place. The final result is collected in tomorrow's Wonder Woman: Who is Wonder Woman? hardcover, and โ€” you'll be happy to know โ€” it does include her changing identities by spinning around. Also, Darwyn Cooke returns to his most popular creation with a special one-off Justice League: The New Frontier issue, to promote last week's DVD release.

Marvel's big release of the week isn't actually the Iron Man book; instead, some guy called Stephen King is putting his stamp of approval on The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home, a new mini-series based on his series of novels. It's also a follow-up to last year's hyper-successful The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born mini-series. This one's by the same creative team (writers Robin Furth and Peter David with artists Jae Lee and Richard Isanove), and undoubtedly about to sell as many copies to eager King fans.


Marvel's also launching a new series starring your favorite time-traveling cyborg, Cable (written by novelist Dwayne Swiercynski). And a new Wolverine mini-series called Logan is getting attention due to the involvement of Brian K. Vaughan (Y The Last Man.) If all that new stuff bothers you, though, you could just pick up Secret Invasion Saga and get the background on that whole alien invasion thing they have going on over there.

As usual, you can read through the official list of books shipping to comic stores on Wednesday here and find out where your local comic store is here. Just watch out for spacemen trying to eat your brains.