An enormous preserved whale pays quiet homage to the undersea world of wonder that was BioShock. In this concept artwork, it looks like a tiger-striped whale on treads is bearing down on our intrepid hero ... or is that thing stuffed and segmented? The image does capture the melancholic feel of BioShock, although it's missing the art deco curves and steampunkery of the world from the original game. Check out more pieces in the gallery below, and find out why this you won't be getting your game on in this world.

Artist Ben Mauro put these images up on his blog as a "proposed sequel to BioShock," but it turns out that they were pieces for a class project where they had to design a sequel to a film or a movie that they chose. However, it didn't stop them from racing around the nets as official confirmation of a sequel. However, that doesn't make his artwork any less pretty to look at. While the other images are all mass-transity, that whale stands out as very cool, and intriguing.

BioShock brought a gorgeous world of 1930s era extravagance and decay to gaming consoles around the world last year, and the critical acclaim and financial success will probably launch a sequel, although nothing has been announced so far. However, developer Take-Two has referred to the game as a franchise, and they've opened a new development house which is rumored to be solely working on BioShock, so you can be sure there will be another one. In fact, if you own an Xbox 360 or a PC that you can game on, and you haven't done so, give this game a whirl. We'll try and keep it spoiler-free, but when you finish the game you can understand the need for a lot of brand-new concept art.

Possible BioShock 2 concept art?